Vicente Mollestad’s
artistic practice develops within an around
the West’s relationship to the non-Western.

Often through connecting phenomenas, ideas and references that were, in some way or another, lost or overlooked. Throughout the body of work there is a recurring interest in the problematics of the seemingly inseperable relationship between the personal and intimate to the political and historical.

Among recent projects is the making of an archive of lesser known European cannibal exploitation film, investigating and questioning cannibalism as anti-colonial strategy, and looking into the role of globale immigration and world politics in relation to the Norwegian rap scene from the 80’s up until present time. 

Vicente is currently based in La Paz, Bolivia.

This website is under construction.

  1. Spriten Kunsthall 28.01.22
      The Current is Strong and

  2. Telemark Kunstsenter 24.02.22
       I Wish You Would Call Me More Often

   3. Greenlight District 17.11.21
       The Cannibal Archive:
       Green Inferno


Born in La Paz, Bolivia, 1987. Raised in Norway.


2015-2017    The Sandberg Instituut, Department of Fine Arts, MFA
2012-2015    Bergen Academy of Art and Design Department of Fine Arts, BFA
2013-2014    Korea National University of Arts (Exchange, 2 semesters)

Selected solo exhibitions:

2022    The Current Is Strong And Un-western
            Spriten Kunsthall, Skien, Norway.
2021    The Cannibal Archive: Green Infernos
            Skien Bibliotek, Skien, Norge.
2021    More Lost Summers of My Youth
            Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien, Norge.
2019    Los Veranos Perdidos de mi Juventud,
            Eufforia Games, La Paz, Bolivia.
2018    I Close My Eyes But Never To Sleep,
            Abondoned building, La Paz, Bolivia
2017    Green Infernos,
            Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2016    CGDGCE,
            Gallery 427, Riga, Latvia.

Selected group exhibitions:

2021    Hvitsten Salong 2021,
            Hvitsten, Norge.
2019    IAP Residency Artist’s Exhibition,
            Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, South-Korea.
2019    Pictorica, Aproximaciones a la nueva pintura boliviana,
            Centro Cultural Simón I. Patiño, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
2018    In The Forest,
            Odru Project, Seoul, South Korea
2018    Larga Noche de Museos,
            CAF, La Paz, Bolivia

Curated exhibitions:

2022    I Wish You Would Call Me More Often - A screening of Bolivian contemporary art,
            Telemark Kunstsenter, Norway.


2021    Skien Kommunes Kunstnerstipend med opphold,
            Skien, Norge.
2019    Incheon Art Platform AIR Program
            Incheon, South Korea.
2018    La Pan Residencia (October and November)
            Valparaiso, Chile.
2018    Residencia Inmaterial
            La Paz, Bolivia.