Vicente Mollestads artistic practice develop within and around the theme of the West’s relationship to the non-Western.
Often through connecting phenomenas, ideas and systems of the outside and overlooked. Problematizing a inseperable relationship of the personal and intimate from the political and historical.

Among recent projects is the making of an archive of lesser known european cannibal exploitation film, investigating and questioning cannibalism as  anti-colonial strategy, and looking into the role of globale immigration and world politics in relation to the norwegian rap scene from the 80s up until present time. 

Vicente is based in La Paz, Bolivia but is currently in a residency stay in Skien, Norway.

This website is under heavy construction, to see some work from the older website press here.

  1. Hvitsten Salong 30.07.21
      Sleeping Outside the House

  2. Greenlight District 17.11.21
      The Cannibal Archive

  3. Spriten Kunsthall 2022