Vicente Mollestad artistic practice develops within and around the theme of the West’s relationship to the non-Western.
This meeting point betweeen forms the basis for (the production of) ideas and discourse mainfested in installations, interventions, activism, painting and performance.

Vicente is based in La Paz, Bolivia but 
is currently in a residency stay in Skien, Norway.

This website is under heavy construction, to see some work from the older website press here.

  1. Hvitsten Salong 30.07.21
      Sleeping Outside the House

  2. Greenlight District 17.11.21
      The Cannibal Archive

  3. Spriten Kunsthall 2022

Speaking In A Language You Are Already Fluent In (2018) is a performance utilising the red light traffic stops that’s usually inhabited by street performers to generate money. The performance itself consists of me punching/boxing a gas can holder for the duration of red light, as a way to insert a discourse/links of violence, the labour of the brown body natural resources and voabulary/language. 

Green Infernos (2017) was the result og going back to Bolivia for the first time in 20 years and my interest in the eurosentric perspective of the global south found in cannibal films, a sub-genre of Italian cinema/filmmaking. The exhibition consisted of an installation of paintings as well as a risoprinted publication containing a short story. Originally shown at Ellen de Bruijne, Amsterdam.

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