“My artistic practice develops within and around the relationship between the west and the un-western, an intimate as well as a historical relation that lead to my involuntary migration from Bolivia. It is also the reason that I’ve returned and based myself in La Paz since 2017, living here the majority of the time and the rest in Norway.

Working in the small contemporary art scene in Bolivia has its challenges as it suffers from a post-colonial state like much of the country, this in return calls for an experimental approach to how to practice and there is an aspect of necessary adaptability and resistance in exploring different disciplines as well as audience and form. This makes my practice include installation, painting, sound, video, text production, activism and performance, and I’m continuously questioning what I consider a part of my practice, who the practice is for and where it is shown.

It is reoccurring themes and interests that bind the various production together as the works circles the seemingly inseparable relationship between the personal and intimate to the political and historical.

Among recent projects I’ve worked with an archive of lesser known European cannibal exploitation film, investigating and questioning cannibalism as anti-colonial strategy, and looking into how global immigration and world politics shaped and continues to shape Norwegian rap scene from the 80’s up until present time.” 

Recent/Upcoming Exhibitions/events:

   1. TBA
Brown Tears, Brown Sweat and Brown Blood.

   2. Spriten Kunsthall 28.01.22
       The Current is Strong and Un-Western.

    3.Telemark Kunstsenter 24.02.22
       I Wish You Would Call Me More Often.

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This is a collection of various works from throughout the years, for more information or index, please get in touch with me through email or see a portfolio.a performance utilising the red light traffic stops that’s usually inhabited by street