Vicente Mollestad

Vicente Mollestad is an artist, ex-rapper, lo-fi guitarist and displaced being finding his way back. His practice develops within and around the theme of the West’s (conflicted) relationship to the non-Western. His work looks at how these two negotiate and position themselves in relation to power, history, philosophy and politics through his own autobiography and position as a meeting point between them. 

Since 2017 been based in La Paz, Bolivia, gradually favouring alternative spaces as a basis for production of meaning and discourse, through a flexible practice that ranges from text production, sound, interventions, activism, painting, performance and photo.

He is currently in a residency stay in Skien, Norway.

  1. Hvitsten Salong 30.07.21
  2. Greenlight District 17.11.21
  3. Spriten Kunsthall 2022

1. Ursula K Le Guin

UKG / 1974
From The Author of the Acacia Seeds
and Other Extracts

            And with them, or after them, may there not come that even bolder adventurer — the first geolinguist, who, ignoring the delicate, transient lyrics of the lichen, will read beneath it the still less communicative, still more passive, wholly atemporal, cold, volcanic poetry of the rocks: each one a word spoken, how long ago, by the earth itself, in the immense solitude, the immenser community, of space.